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Fort Of Chittorgarh 


Chittorgarh Fort has received the credit of being the largest fort of India. The massive fort is located on a high hill near the Gambheri River in Chittorgarh. Chittorgarh Fort lies at a distance of 112 kms from the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan. This fort was built by various Maurya rulers in the 7th century. This huge fort covers an area of 700 acres, extending to 3 kms in length and 13 kms in peripheral length. Standing on an elevated hill of 180m, the impregnable fort has witnessed three battles.

Chittaurgarh Fort is truly an embodiment of chivalry and pride of the Rajputs. The fort has a long story of romance, courage, determination and sacrifice. A glimpse of the fort still makes one to think the glory of the Rajputs who once lived here. The imposing Fort boasts of well-designed palaces, magnificent cenotaphs and huge towers. The Fort of Chittorgarh has a colossal structure that is secured by its several strong gateways.

Chittorgarh Fort is an acknowledgement to the courage of the gallant Rajput rulers who sacrificed their life combating dominant rivals instead of surrendering before them. The history of this majestic fort can be traced during the time of Khilji’s. Chittorgarh Fort is said to have been the capital of the Gahlot and Sisodia kings who ruled Mewar between the eighth and the sixteenth century. The Fort was named after Chittrangad Maurya.

The fort was attacked three times and every time it got saved by the daring heroism of the Rajput warriors. In 1303, for the first time, this fort was attacked by Allaudin Khilji to fulfill his desire to make off with Rani Padmini. For the second time, the Fort was sacked by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in 1535. In 1567, it was attacked for the last time by Mughal Emperor Akbar to conquer Maharana Udai Singh. Every time, a jauhar (mass suicide) was observed and the womenfolk of the Royalty never submitted themselves.

Famous Place to visit at Chittorgarh Fort

  1. Seven Gates of the Fort
  2. Tower of Victory – (Vijay Stambh)
  3. Tower of Fame – (Kirti Stambh)
  4. Gaumukh Reservoir (Gaumukh Kund)
  5. Rana Kumbha Palace
  6. Padmini Palace
  7. Meera Temple (Meera Mandir)
  8. Kalika Mata Temple (Kalikamata Mandir)
  9. Fateh Prakash Palace – (Government Museum)
  10. Jain Temples (Jain Mandir – Sattavish devri)
  11. Mrig Van

Kund In Chittorgarh Fort

  1. Ghee Tel Ke Kund
  2. Gomukh Kund
  3. Hathi Kund
  4. Padmini Palace – Padmini Mahal – Rani Padmini’s Water Palace
  5. Chitrangad Mori Kund
  6. Bhimlat Kund
  7. Ratneshwar Kund
  8. Mataji Ka Kund
  9. Kukreshwar Kund
  10. Bhimeshwar Kund Chittorgarh

Towers In Chittorgarh Fort

  1. Vijay Stambh – Victory Tower
  2. Kirti Stambh – Tower of Fame

Temples in Chittorgarh Fort

Shiv Temples

Fateshwar Mahadev
Smidheshwar Mahadev – Mokalji Temple
Nagchandreshwar Mahadev
Mangleshwar Mahadev Temple
Ratneshwar Mahadev
Neelkanth Mahadev – Bheem Ke Aradhya Dev
Kukreshwar Mahadev
Jaleshwar Mahadev
Hinglaj Mata – Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temples
Pataleshwar Mahadev

Vishnu/Krishna Temples

Kumbh Shyam Temple
Meera Temple
Narsih Temple
Charbhuja and laxmi narayan temples – Sas Bahu temples
Charbhuja Temple – Shambhu Kunj

Ganesh Temples

Madhyakalin Ganesh Temple
Ganesh Gati Chittorgarh Fort
Sankat Mochan Ganesh temple
Ganesh pole

Mataji Temples

Kalika Mata Temple
Mahalakshmi Temple
Chauth Mata Temple
Annapurna Mata And BAN Mata Temples
Hinglaj Mata – Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temples
Tulja Bhavani

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