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Mrig Van Chittorgarh Fort 

Mrig Van is large and reserved area having many historical places to visit on it and also it is home of many types of animals and birds. Mrig refers to deer in hindi language thats why its called mrig van. This forest reserve opens between 9 am to 5 pm and it remains closed on tuesday. Mrig van is just nearby magleshwar mahadev temple.

mrigvan-2Mrig van is governed by govt of rajasthan and it is very famous forest reserve of chittorgarh. On the entrance a big gate is there where each type of vehicle can be entered and a small ticket office is there. Visitors can get information about places and can get route in mrig van from this office. Lots of creatures like cheetal , rabbit , deer (mrig) , python, fox , tortoise , neel gai (blue cows) can be seen here. Visiter can see many unique visit places in mrig van. Mostly people visit on two wheelers or four wheelers because the way is rough and also being cautious with animals.

mrigvan-3Last point of mrig van have shiva temple named mansa mahadev and a chattri on some height. There visitors can see whole chittorgarh city and can also see mohar magri (chittori).


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